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Preventative Maintenance Services

Minimize downtime and repair costs by investing in preventative maintenance services. With these services, CRS911 will make sure your computers are running efficiently and will:

  • Optimize System Configuration for Maximum Performance
  • Internally Vacuum & Clean for Cooler, More Efficient Computing
  • Update Virus Definitions and Scan for Viruses
  • Update Spyware Definitions and Scan for Adware, Malware, Spyware
  • Install Latest Operating System Updates and Service Patches
  • Install Up-To-Date Security Patches
  • Remove Any Device Conflicts and System Lags
  • Maximize System Resources
  • Advise Upgrades to Keep Your Infrastructure Current

Issues We Fix:
  • viruses, malware, spyware
  • email issues
  • constant popup ads
  • slow computer
  • hard drive crash
  • wi-fi troubleshooting
  • network issues
  • wireless problems
  • printer won't print
  • noisy computer/fan
  • data backup
  • computer turns off by itself
  • can't access the internet
  • screen is frozen
  • my home page changed
  • confusing error messages
  • battery not charging
  • dead keyboard keys
  • updated software or drivers
  • general computer repair
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